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Bali Indonesia Contractor for Minimalist Villa Design

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Home Blog Bali Building Contractor Service Bali Indonesia Contractor for Minimalist Villa Design
Bali Indonesia Contractor for Minimalist Villa Design
2018-11-27 13:37 551 View

Bali Indonesia Contractor | Do you want to build the villa but only have no the wide fields?  Don’t be worry!  A few people also get a problem like it. However, need to know that has no the wide fields doesn’t mean you can’t building the villa.


Because a villa building doesn’t require a wide area. Although you have the area at least 250 m2, it’s possible to get a villa. Because you can apply the two-level design in your building.


That alternative solution will allow you to get more a room such bedroom, living room, bathroom, kitchen, and so on. You can set layout below or also above.


Besides that, the minimalist design will also give you a wider yard. So that you can build a mini garden in there.


In case you have a plan to build a villa with the minimalist design of others designs surely with affordable price. You may call us, Kontraktor Bali. We serves the building projects of Villa and also Pool Contractor Bali.

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